Installing Syncthing for mass production

Syncthing’s quick browser configuration is fantastic to get started on your first few devices. But if you are assembling and imaging devices in their hundreds, manually typing in the command to each device is pretty time consuming.

Is there a way to incorporate Syncthing setup/configuration into standard build images?

After the first setup, for sure I don’t need and I can’t use Syncthing trough the brother for the configuration, because I will control all my devices remotely only trough ssh terminal.

I will have one main device with AMD64 cpu and linux os that produce mp4 files and will share them to hundreds of other ARM64 devices and linux os, grouped in 2-30 devices sharing the same LAN/WAN and into these groups there will be subgrups of 2-5 devices sharing the same folders. Any suggestions?

Although some of this article is Windows-focused, there are some details which are relevant to mass-deploying Syncthing for any OS:

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The gist of how I do it is here…

I was going to post the scripts I use but haven’t had a chance yet.

You can generate configs and keys somewhere centrally and push out according to whatever distribution mechanism you prefer.

Where to find the instructions to generate the keys that will works into syncthing? For example sometimes I would need 2 keys other times 7 or 20 or 30… and generate them in advance would save time, yes!

syncthing -generate /tmp/keydir

It’s just a simple RSA or DSA key pair with a certain subject name.


Configuration management tools like puppet, chef, ansible, etc. are made for managing configurations like this. We’re using puppet to manage our syncthing infrastructure.


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