Installing from AUR on armv5, failing with unsupported goarch

Hi there,

I’m trying to install syncthing on my pogoplug/armv5 machine. I’m instlaling directly from archlinux’ AUR via yaourt. Once GO starts the actual build process, it fails with

Invalid goarch "arm". Use one of "armv5", "armv6", "armv7"..

If I try it with GOARCH=armv5 yaourt... it fails with unsupported GOARCH armv5

Any help on how to get this to work?


I have no idea what AUR or yaourt is, but the command you want is go run build.go -goarch armv5. This results in the variables GOARCH=arm and GOARM=5 being set, and the binary being tagged appropriately for upgrades.

:warning: Note that this requires first rebuilding the Go standard library since the packaged variants default to armv6.