Initially sync a big amount of data over the internet


I have ~100 GB of data on an external USB-Harddisk in 200.022 files which I would like to sync over the internet between two PC (locations A and B). Because of the big amount of data I don’t like to initially sync them over the internet.

The usb-device is sometimes plugged in in one of the PCs of the network of location A, and also sometimes in one of the PCs of the network of location B (and sometimes in an other location C). (In all of these networks I have access to adapt router- and firewall configurations.)

Now my questions:

Is it advisable to 1. save the files on the PCs on both sides and 2. let them sync after this or is there a better practice?

I’d like to keep all 3 devices in sync. Is there a portable release of syncthing available to install on the usb-device or an other solution for this problem?



  1. When you already have the same files on both PCs in the same folder the initial sync should be fast, otherwise do the sync with the portable syncthing on USB on the one network, then go to the other and let it sync there.

  2. you can make syncthing portable with the option -home="" and relative paths in your config. I tested this on windows and it worked, other operating systems should work too.