Initial Sync - Revert Local Changes

In order to speed up my initial sync, I connected the two hard drives that I plan on using Syncthings for to the same computer and made an exact copy of them. I, then on one computer, set HDD A as SEND ONLY and then on another computer, I set HDD B as RECEIVE ONLY.

Now on the computer that’s connected to HDD B, I get the Revert Local Changes button.

I understand why I’m getting this button. But, is there a way to tell it to ignore it this time aro

How about changing one side to Send & Receive? You can switch to Receive Only later, although with just two devices sharing the folder like that, you only really need Send/Receive Only on one side, not both.

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Since the initial “sync” was done outside of sync things, won’t changing one side to send & receive cause it to delete all of its data and grab it again from the other side? This is about 12tbs worth of data…that’s the reason for the initial local sync.

No, it wont, if the data is the same. (Neither should “revert local changes” for that matter, though.)

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