Ingnore Pattern for ~$


When I open an ecxel file a temporary file will be safed in the same folder with the same name but ~$ in front of it.

As soon as I safe my first changes to the file Syncthing starts to tell me that it couldn’t handle the ~$ file because another application has it under controll…

Excel seams to work with a copy of my file which is named with ~$ in front of it.

So I would like to have an ignore pattern as for folders but for files too.

When there is a ~$ file of a Word doc no problem appears…

What do you thing?

Cheers Markus

Ignore patterns apply to files as well as folders.

That’s strange because using ~$ in ignore pattern doesnt’t solve the problem that Synthing tells me that it can’t handel the file ~$0 FiBu.xlsx

Or do I have to use the whole name? I thought it’s for every file which start with ~$ .

You need a wildcard after the pattern, e.g. ~$*. Is this how your ignore patterns look?

I didn’t use the * but it’s still not working. Any idea?

These are default settings/ignore patterns for new folders. You need to change them on the actual folder in question.

Damm it, that’s it!

I choosen the advanced options because I wanted to make it global for all folders…

So I have to do that on any single folder, ok…

It still makes sense to put stuff like that into the folder default settings. But they only apply when adding one, not to existing configured folders.

And you don’t need to use the advanced configuration editor for this. Actions > Settings > General > Edit Folder Defaults will provide a more familiar interface.

Yes you do. Just understand the default settings as a template for new folders/devices, like skeleton and Defaut User profiles are for linux/Windows OSes : not retroactive after creation. Just switch your GUI to French :wink: