individual values in the options are reset to default

If I change something in the settings and save it, individual values in the options are reset to default. Example: before Auto Upgrade Interval (hours) = 0, afterwards Auto Upgrade Interval (hours) = 12 (default value).

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Above right in the settings of GUI. Example: If I change the theme.

That’s intentional: If auto-upgrades are enabled in the settings dialog and the interval is 0, it is set to 12. Because auto-upgrades are enabled, so it should check for upgrades.

If so intended, it’s okay for now. Maybe you should still think about it and, if necessary, add a button for default values that you have to click consciously.

For which parameters does this then apply? If I change a setting in the settings every time, and it is only the theme, then you have to correct the relevant parameters again, which are set to default again, but are not wanted.

In the present case I had auto upgrade to 0 and just changed the theme and after a restart I got v1.12.0-rc.3 installed instead of v1.10.0, which is not want from me at the moment. But I didn’t know that various settings would be reset to default when changes were made, which I didn’t expect.

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I stumbled upon the autoupgrade resetting back as well. Since then, I also put a localhost/ before the releases url as well to be safe or set STNOUPGRADE. Totally understand why users shouldn’t stay on RC but this makes me feel to have enough control over updates. It would be nice to have a “turn off automatic upgrade” for RC as well together with a red warning box “you should only do this if you have good reasons”. Sometimes there is sth fixed in RC and then I have little time the next weeks so that is my reason not having ST to upgrade to the next stable by itself as I don’t know if other RCs/changes were merged and if they proove “stable” in my setup. I’m btw no normal user because I have custom ST start scripts, mount binds and symlinks in a large setup in place. That’s why I’m very cautious going up with the version even knowing the release process of the ST devs is very well thought over and reliably working not to screw over data silently.

That indeed doesn’t sound good. However I just tested the following and don’t understand the scenario we are talking about here:
I ran v1.11.1 and set auto upgrade interval to 0. Then I opened the settings dialog. The automatic upgrades element says “No upgrades” (as expected because of the 0 interval). I then change something else in the settings dialog and save. The auto upgrade interval is still 12.
What did you do when you experienced the above.

That’s why you are not the target audience of the settings dialog and upgrade mechanism. If you need such extreme control you should roll your own upgrades. Upgrading to subsequent RCs is not optional and will never be. RCs only get upgrades for critical fixes and you should never stay on an old RC.

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@Andy Were you on an RC when the saving of “0” for autoupgradeinterval was not possible? I can only remember this problem occuring in a past RC.

@imsodin No problem, I understand this and do the necessary “planning” of upgrades :-). Until now, I did not require my own upgrade server. So all fine for me :slight_smile:.

It’s the same in my understanding.

I set in Actions > Advanced Configuration > Options > Auto Upgrade Interval (hours) =0 deliberately because I want to keep the v1.10.0 at the moment.

However, I didn’t set Actions > Settings > Automatic upgrades > No Upgrades. The latest version 1.12.0-rc.3 is therefore permanently offered to me in the status line, as I have activated “Stable releases and release candidates”.

Then I just changed the theme in Actions > Settings Default > Black and confirmed.

After that, the value Auto Upgrade Interval (hours) =12 was automatically set by the software. This have automatically installed the latest version 1.12.0-rc.3.

Do I then also have to set Automatic upgrades > No upgrades to avoid this?

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I´m on final release v1.10.0 and to set auto upgrade to 0 was possible. But it changes from alone, see above way.

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Yes and no. That is not directly a config option, it’s a GUI control that interacts with both the auto upgrade interval and upgrade to prereleases. So if you want to stay on v1.10.0, you need to either in settings choose “no upgrades” or in the advanced editor set not only the interval to 0, but also uncheck upgrade to prereleases.

Before I set Auto Upgrade Interval (hours) to 0, “No Upgrades” was not offered in the drop down. I originally wanted to set that. Instead, I set the Auto Upgrade Interval (hours) to 0. After that I saw that there were “No Upgrades” in the drop down.

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I can choose no upgrades when on a stable release. You probably were on an RC back then. As explained above, you can’t disable upgrades on an RC.

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