Indexing Overhead

I don’t know how to ask this question. I got to a point where (I think) the source node began indexing?, “(Local State (Total) 72252 items, ~22.9 GiB)”; it said, that was something around 3% of the 465GB folder to be transferred. I shut down the program, not knowing how large the file being created would likely be and if it would fit on the remaining free space of the hard drive. I looked for information as to whether the process is in fact creating file, and if so where it is located, but didn’t have the skills to find an answer. If a file is being created, is there any way of estimating how large it would be, given the 500GB folder size. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

The location of the index depends on your system. There is more detail in the manual.

I’m syncing ~110 GiB with ~5 nodes and my index is currently ~210 MiB.

I believe the size of the index is proportional to the amount of data being shared and the number of nodes it’s being shared with.

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Thank you for your prompt reply. Given that I am syncing around 500 MB, with only one node, it looks as if my index file should end up around a GB, if I haven’t missed something. There is 500 GB left on the drive, I can now go ahead. Thanks to your pointing me to how to find the location of the index, I can keep an eye on it’s growth. In that I am used to seeing GB, MB, TB, etc., I had to do a little google research to understand GiB, MiB, TiB, etc. Always good to add to the pool. Thanks for getting me started.