Index folder size

How large should the index folder be for ‘x’ number of items? Right now mine is 994MB in size and pulse is syncing a folder with 8787 items (2929 folders and 5858 files). Is that normal? I’ve read that every time pulse connects to other nodes it copies the whole index folder. Is this correct? I have another folder I want to sync as well that will be around 25,000 items. The index folder is quite a lot of data to copy, which might explain why it is having trouble connecting with the other node.


No, that’s sounds really weird. On my laptop I have three folders totaling around 40k files, the index on disk is 23 megs.

No, not really. The index on disk contains more data than is sent, and the format is different. But you can see how much data is sent when two devices connect, in the GUI.

That’s great to hear! I was hoping it wasn’t normal. What can I do to fix it or troubleshoot? I have deleted the whole appdata folder for syncthing and set up the folder to sync again and it generated the same size of index files.

Perhaps ignored files add to the size of the index? Including the files and folders that are ignored, there are 64,682 items (55,940 files and 8,742 folders).

Well, there’s also the aspect of how much data are in those files. Are they large? On a larger box (450 GB in 120k files) the index is ~340 MB. If those files you have are all several gigs large, it might make sense.

I see. Yes, the total size is around 3.5 TB. I guess I was assuming a single hash (or something equivalent) for each file so size didn’t matter, but it sounds like perhaps they are broken up into pieces so the larger they are the more hashes there are? Unfortunately, it sounds like in this case pulse will just not work very well.

Other than the issues I’ve experienced around this very large index size pulse has worked great for other sets of data. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Ah, yeah, that’s a bit suboptimal at the moment. There’s work being done to alleviate this.

Variable block sizes? Merkle trees? :smile:

I checked my former BTSync Index, it was about 550 MB for a similar folder size as you mention. So I guess we are not so off the track here.