"Import as new device" function appreciated

I am struggling to set up a new device with fewest hassles possible next to my other device, but with export / import function I am ending up with same device and folder IDs at both devices and everything becomes messed up.

What I would need is some kind of “Import as new device” function importing everything I exported but with new device and folder IDs. Can this be done in any way, for example by patching the exported config data before importing them to the new device? Problem is, at Android the running config is not accessible for normal user. So I would need to patch before importing. But anyway, the running app itself can change configuration at Android. So there could be some kind of action like “Reset device and folder IDs” in the app which could be executed after import…

Why do I need that? I would also like to use SyncThing to migrate data between Android devices. When changing my mobile I would like to get all data from the old to the new one by means of Syncthing. This is a quite frequent use case, isn’t it? Is such a feature planned in near future or are there already any ways to come to that goal by patching configuration before import?

What I have already tried is to import without key.pem and cert.pem hoping that device id will be regenerated, but this did not work - the app did not even start after that because of a key generation error.