Image restore PC


if i do a image-restore from my PC, for what should i pay attention on the restored PC with an “old syncthing-state” or please explain how the other devices recognizes that the partner have an old state now because of the restore ? Do i have data loss ?

thanks fro clearing this thing for me.


If you want to keep the previous state, you need to back up the database in addition to config and certificates (see for specific paths). The database is basically the index-v0.14.0.db folder.

It’s important that when you do do the final backup, you must shut Syncthing down first, and only then back the database up, so that there’re no more changes made to it after that point. With that, you can then restore it later and Syncthing will start in the exact same state as it was before.

There is potential for data loss if you restore Syncthing’s database and the actual synchronized folders from different states. If the database knows about a new file which is not present in the restored copy of the folder, Syncthing will propagate that as a deletion to other devices.

You could switch all your folders to the receive-only type before starting Syncthing again, so it will not announce such changes to other devices. You will get a button “Revert Local Additions” instead that allows you to accept the global state from other devices and make your local folder look like it again.

In addition to the above, I also pause all folders and devices to be extra safe :wink:, and then unpause them one by one after restoring from backup.