I'm wondering about "Receive Only" folders


I’m not really good at matrix’ing, but I guess, instead of every user tells a story with a lot of words, you mean something like this?

(Maybe it is possible in this forum to build a table, but I couldn’t get it to work, so I just made a screenshot and a numbers form (numbers is excel for mac osx))

matrix.numbers (564.0 KB)

On the left side (column B), we can name all the cases we can think of, which will break or destroy data on all syncthink-folders.

Column C+D is the syncthink-behaviour right now.

Column E is for us, the screaming users, which want to get the “receive only” thing implemented. So lets try hard, because life is short. :slight_smile:

I guess, if this is something we can build on, find a somehow equally terminology, we could come to a better and sophisticated conclusion.

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This table is what I defined 8 days ago in this same thread. I just coalesced the table into 3 bullets. I did not include conditions where the outcome is self-evident. I combined behavior that is the same.

For example, the behavior of “folder not on-line” is sort of self-evident (nothing synchronizes).

Also, any mod can be seen as an add and a delete.

Any add/deleting a folder is the same as adding/deleting files.

An empty folder is the same as a new folder.


After combining all these into a simplified rule set, it comes down to the 3 bullets I named. But, of course, I might have forgotten something, so check the 3 bullets and challenge me with any situation you can imagine, and I’ll try to explain how it fits one of the 3 situations I named.

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Why don’t you guys weigh in on A proposal for a receive-only folder type