Ignoring a subfolder of a syncthing shared folder

Hi there, I was wondering if there was a way (or a better method for me to achieve the following).

I have a syncthing shared folder but I would like one subfolder to not be shared so that I can work within it without it sharing to other nodes until I move it outside. Will the .stignore file with the name of the work folder be the best option to use?

(If my work folder is called “unsharedwork”, the .stignore file would contain “unsharedwork”, right?)

That is it.

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Can you please explain your problem detail?

I have media which I would share to other people and I have media which is not finished. I would not care but these videos can go upto 2gb and it would be a waste of bandwidth so I want to wait until it’s done. (Yes, I can work on it outside but I want to keep everything in one place)

This is a good case. About this, it came to my mind some days ago to use the .stfolder directory for this goal (no need to (.st)ignore at all :blush: ). The only concern is if I remove the share, nothing is deleted… but .stfolder :wink:


@cosas ah interesting. I think i’ll stick to what @kluppy says then (just so i don’t lose my work in case) :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about loosing .stfolder : only you (read “no other ST user”) can remove it, either manually with command line or file manager, or when removing the relevant Shared folder (any chance you do this without wanting?).

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Ah fair enough! Thank you!

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