ignoredDevice in config

I have an ignoredDevice field in my config.xml file. It contains a device ID which I don’t recognize. Perhaps I once connected to this ID, but I can’t remember.

(1) How does a device become “ignored” and populate the field in the config file? I can’t find any configuration setting in Syncthing to ignore a device.

(2) What can I expect to happen if I manually delete the ID from the field? Or, is there a better way to do this?


When another device tries to connect to you to share a folder, your can either connect, remind later or ignore.

I would say that that device did try to connect to you in the past, but you did ignore it.

Deleting the ID from that setting should “unignore” that device.

Syncthing will probably don’t show a “Tries to connect” message for IDs inside the ignoredDevice field.


Thanks for the explanation. I decided to clean up the config file.

Deleting only the ID from the ignoredDevice field caused a fatal error when I relaunched ST. However, deleting the entire ignoredDevice line worked perfectly for me.

All is good!

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