Ignored files are still scanned?

Is there any valid reason for ignored files to still be scanned? I have set up a share with an .stignore for two specific files that currently exist in the directory, a third file will be added at some point in the future that I wish to have shared. The folder correctly lists 0 items, ~0 B, but also says that it’s going to be scanning for 1h 30m. Since these files are to be ignored, why scan them? It’s seems like a huge waste of disk IO/CPU cycles.

OS is Win 2012 R2, syncthing v0.13.10, Windows (64 bit).

Ignored files are not scanned, so something else is going on. Maybe it was already scanning when you added the ignore patterns?

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I think that may have been it, I restarted it and it’s stopped the scan now… thanks!

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