Ignore .plist files from syncing

Hello, I use Syncthing on my MacBook, and Android phone to synchronise files between both devices.

I would be grateful if someone could advise how I can ignore (not sync) .plist files which are currently syncing, as they are present in the folders I sync. I have read the Syncthing documentation on ignoring files, but am struggling to understand the prefixes I need to use in the .stignore file. For information, I have a top level folder, then several sub folders. Each one of the sub folders contain files I which to sync and .plist files I do not want to sync. Many thanks in advance.

You should be able to use:

Asterisk (*) matches zero or more characters in a filename, but does not match the directory separator. te*ne matches telephone, subdir/telephone but not tele/phone

Combining this with your request, you could try adding;


As a slight side-note: Although it shouldn’t affect too much in that area, always make sure to have back-ups or try it out in a test-folder before fiddling too much with such configurations :slight_smile:

Thank you, for the suggestion. When back at my Mac, I will try this out and report back

Unfortunately, placing *.plist in the Ignore Patterns text box (web GUI) did not remove the .plist files from the various sub directories. Is there anything else I can try? Thank you.

Ignoring files doesn’t remove them; it just ignores them.

Ah, sorry. So, I need to remove them from the Android device, then sync again? I tried this, and the .plist files were not synced again :slight_smile: Please can you advise me how to exclude a sub-directory from sync? Thank you very much for your help.

The same way, you put its name in the ignore file.

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