Ignore .Config for home dir


What is the best solution to ignore “.config” from sync. My users use Windows and “%user%/.config” path is sync with their path on nas side (home/%user%/path named with same name as Windows) and always sync ldb file, log and so on…

What is the best solution to avoid this conflict ? Use an ignore pattern on both side. Or change configuration location of syncthing ?

Thanks in advance.

You’ll have less weird side effects if you move the config somewhere where it’s not being synced.

Thanks for your response ! Is it possible to move this config after syncthing is installed ? If yes, can you describe how to do this ?

You just move the contents of the directory and specify a new path using -home argument when you start syncthing.

I really appreciate your help !

But syncthing is run with an OpenMediaVault plugin and HomeDir is taken in an init.d script and correspond to each user homedir set in etc/passwd :frowning:

How can I override this behaviour ?

If just changing the init script is not an option, you may need to check with the OpenMediaVault developers who put together the plugin in question.

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