If you manually synchronise two devices (for ex. copying same file to sunc folder via external drive), does SyncThing recognise that the file is indeed the same file between devices and thus call two devices that have the file 'up to date'?

I know it seems simplistic, but I’m not in a position to test apologies if this is a very basic question. I was wondering if one might be able to speed up how quickly a remote device might synchronise, by manually synchronising files between devices where that’s practical, thus adding more devices capable of delivering pieces of a file at once to devices where manual sync was not practical.

If you have a team of say 6 people ‘Team A’ who all live nearby one another, and 1 person ‘Team B’ who lives in another country, and they are all connected via SyncThing, could you help increase the rate at which Team A Syncs with Team B by physically copying the material from an external hard drive to the sync folder of all the team A members creating an ‘instantaneous’ sync and therefore allowing for a faster sync with Team B by way of the combined bandwidth of all Team A’s members, using SyncThing to coordinate the effort?

It sounds to me like it would work but I wondered if SyncThing can actually tell that you’ve put exactly the same file on each machine when it’s copied from the external drive.


(Yes, it’ll recognize that they are the same)

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