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Hello everyone,

my experience with ST has been largely positive, but I’m experiencing an annoying issue from time to time. Let me describe my setup first: it’s pretty simple. I have three machines, call them A, B1 and B2. A is a NAS with 2 shared folders, watched by ST (we use 1.3.4 everywhere). B1 and B2 are in a remote location and they have a “receive only” subscription each (in other words, B1 gets a copy of A’s folder#1 and B2 gets folder#2).

B2 is a windows server, it gets the larger folder (about 1TB), no problem here.

B1 is a tiny NAS, and we noticed that occasionally, it becomes “idle” just after a sync (or before a sync, hard to tell…). Anyway, here’s an example: The folder is ~200GB. On march 1st, we added about 4GB and moved a lot of files in a subfolder. Honestly we didn’t check the web interface immediately, but yesterday, A’s web interface reported that B1 was disconnected since March 3rd.

Today we went onsite. the syncthing instance on B1 was alive, but extremely slow. It was indeed doing nothing (the CPU was ~ 0%). So we rebooted B1. On reboot, it immediately started syncing about 1000 files.

  1. B1’s web interface started printing messages such as “latest change: deleted file XYZ”
  2. from the speed, it now seems that it’s re-downloading all the moved files.

The questions:

  1. my understanding is that moved files should be moved also on the replica and not re-downloaded. is that correct? is there a config setting that we missed?
  2. could the “disconnected” issue be due to some subtle undetected out-of-memory?
  3. I know it’s probably a security-nightmare, so I anticipate the answer would be a no, but it would be nice if we could send some commands to the remote ST instance without going onsite (e.g. restart service / reboot the machine), or alternatively, configuring a condition on B1 such as: if at 3am you cannot connect to syncthing machine A, reboot

anyway, thanks in advance for any feedback, MH

  1. Yes and no.

  2. Sure could be, but unlikely - anything more specific works be baseless guessing.

  3. Use ssh. Or expose syncthings ui world with a strong pw (that won’t help though when syncthing stops). and anyway i don’t see any reason not to setup remote access for a NAS.

Check syncthings and system logs to get clues as to what happened.

thanks for the quick reply. 2) we’ll check the logs next time we go onsite. 3) long story, but we can’t open any port on the router (this is precisely the reason we use ST and not rsync)

Regards, MH

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