Identifying culprit in "Out of Sync"

I have a folder shared amongst about 20 hosts. For a few of these hosts, in the web interface the folder shows as “Out of Sync”. When I expand the folder view, I see that there is one file, 128B, which is apparently offered, but rejected as it matches a pattern in the ignore list. While I can click on the entry and see the file name, I do not know in which directory it is located, nor can I find which hosts are offering the file. I cannot find it on any of the hosts.

I would like some way to reject, ignore, cleanup this seemingly non existant file. I suspect it was created temporaily on one machine, and incorrectly offered to other machines, perhaps due to a missing ignore list on that one machine.


If you hover on the file name, it will show you the full path.

Also, if you are trying to manage ignores on multiple nodes and they are mostly the same I would suggest creating a global ignore file then reference it from your ignores.

If you put: #include .stglobalignore

Then put your ignore patterns into the .stglobalignore file. It will sync with the other nodes and be kept up to date when you make changes.

Unfortunately you have to put the #include into each node individually.