ID same on two devices what happened?

Two devices were syncing perfectly. However for unknown reasons one of the devices SYNCthing ID changed to be the same on the other device! Anyone tried this before? It is now impossible to add the two devices on each others list because when in adding a device I have to enter the other device ID it is the same as the Device itself… does it make any sense? why would two different PC have the same SYncthing ID? When they originally had two different ones? How do you MANUALLY or automaticly change the Syncthing ID on a device?

Hope anyone knows the answer.

Cheers, Jacob Frederiksen

The device ID is determined by the cert.pem and key.pem in the syncthing config folder (~/.config/syncthing for linux, %LOCALAPPDATA%\syncthing for windows), did you copy that folder from one to the other device (or sync it, which is a really bad idea ;))?

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Thank you very much for the reply.

Well that is a good question. Since Syncthing does not actually install it is difficult for me to know where all the dirtectories related to syncthing ends up. so did I sync it? no idea… did I look for the config folder, yes I did but was unable to find it. Here is what I synced

I synced D:\ I synced C:\user"Username"

If Localappdata folder is generated in the User account directory then yes I would have synced it. If it is not then I didn’t sync it. and where is this magical %LOCALAPPDATA%\ Actually located?

Okay crap! So apparently local app data IS in the user! so that must be what happened! I’ll let everyone know once I figure it out.

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(unhide hidden files and folders in the explorer options)

C:\Users\<You>\AppData\Local is not supposed to be synchronized. That’s why it’s called the local AppData.

Even stuff in C:\Users\<You>\AppData\Roaming is questionable. Yes it’s supposed to be synchronized, but not while you’re actually logged in. It’s not supposed to change while applications are actually running and using it.

I thoroughly recommend that you do not sync any of C:\Users\<You>\AppData.

(There are other things in the user folder that shouldn’t be synced either. Anything with ntuser in, for instances).

YEs so big lesson learned! NEVER SYNC USER FOLDERS! seems okay to sync like a specific folder in user such as desktop. But be careful syncing a whole folder anywhere on system drive! Now I however experience something else pretty weird, so PC 1 and PC 2 are syncing again and when making a test txt file on PC 1 desktop it will send it to PC 2 in 5 seconds! Nice, however if I make a file on PC 2 desktop it will never send it even after repeated rescan and confirmation on both PCs that everything has been 100% synced… I thought it will sync both ways. Well that should be posted in another threat.

THANK FOR THE HELP EVERYONE! Problem SOLVED (Do not sync User folder!)

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