I wonder which version of python is needed?

(Antony Male) #21

Congratulations, you have python installed. You’ve been told twice now that you need go installed, and go is not python.

(hahman) #22

Do I need to configure the GO environment?

(Antony Male) #23

I’ll just repeat what’s already been said:

(hahman) #24

Sorry, I think I have installed it, I clone it according to the README on github, and then configure the python environment. What else do I need?

(Antony Male) #25

… You need to have go installed and available in your path. Post a screenshot of you typing go into your command prompt.

(hahman) #26

I have installed Go444

(Antony Male) #27

Right, so try running go run build.go -goos android -goarch arm -no-upgrade build inside E:\AndroidStudioWork\syncthing\syncthing-android\syncthing?

(hahman) #28

I ran it directly under the project path :gradlew buildNative.It worked, thank you!

(hahman) #29

I am not good at English, sorry for the misunderstanding before.Thanks for your grateful help here. Problem have been solved.

(system) #30

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