I wonder which version of python is needed?

Well, cd to the directory and run git fetch --tags as that is what the Python script does. See what happens.

Then, optionally, fix the script to show the command output when the command fails, and file a PR with that…

Thank you for your help. It’s already nine o 'clock. I’ll check the information after I get home

You need git and go installed, and need to make sure git submodules are initialised and updated.

yes,I did it according to the README on github, but there are still some problems:222

That’s a different error that time. See this thread:

What should I do?

This is what happened when I ran Gradlew build

From your previous thread (which you never answered):


Congratulations, you have python installed. You’ve been told twice now that you need go installed, and go is not python.

Do I need to configure the GO environment?

I’ll just repeat what’s already been said:

Sorry, I think I have installed it, I clone it according to the README on github, and then configure the python environment. What else do I need?

… You need to have go installed and available in your path. Post a screenshot of you typing go into your command prompt.

I have installed Go444

Right, so try running go run build.go -goos android -goarch arm -no-upgrade build inside E:\AndroidStudioWork\syncthing\syncthing-android\syncthing?

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I ran it directly under the project path :gradlew buildNative.It worked, thank you!

I am not good at English, sorry for the misunderstanding before.Thanks for your grateful help here. Problem have been solved.

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