I lost all my data, help!

I didn’t quite understand syncthing and I started messing with it and accidentally deleted everything on my android internal storage, I got into panic and also removed the folder from syncthing in my pc but it was too late. Now I don’t know if it’s possible to recover all the data or not. I don’t remember exactly what I did but it replaced everything from my phone with the 3 files on my PC.

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Syncthing doesn’t automatically provide another backup or copy, sorry.

Do you know if there’s any other way to recover data if I have root?

As you might imagine you are not the first person with this problem. I don’t have any personal experience (do backups :wink: ), so I’d start here: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=data+recovery+android+internal+storage&t=ffab&ia=web

I always make backups but this time I forgot to copy them to my pc and the last one I have is from a month ago so I’ll be losing a lot of stuff. Anyways, after looking for a while I found an app that restored some of the stuff I lost.

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Hi @Veakkon , which version of the Android app did you use? If it was Syncthing-Fork, I expect you to have a hidden “/storage/emulated/0/.stversions” folder where your stuff that has been deleted is kept for a while.

Not sure, it was the one on f-droid. The only hidden folder on the internal storage is .stfolder and is empty.

Then it seems data to be gone … My last attempt to recover from /storage/emulated/0 wasn’t successful back in 2015.

At least I managed to recover most of the photos and didn’t lose any messages or contacts but all my apps data and my 30gb music library is completely gone :sob:

Dear Developers: My first day here, and I suspect that there are many, many, many android users who would love to utilize SyncThing as a back-up service, however - the directions on setting shared folders is rather obtuse. If you can offer any clarifications, it would be greatly appreciated. I have not actually yet used this, 'cause I am still trying to figure it out… and I do not wish to encounter this same challenge!

Good Luck, Cristian, with restoring your phone!

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Here are some good tutorials how to setup Syncthing right, lean back and enjoy also explanations on precautions what to do best to have a successful sync experience.

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It would be really, really nice if these Video Links were included on the Syncthing Home Page. Very Informative. Too bad I have to un-install, delete 25Gb of duplicate files, and start over - now that I know what to do…

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Maybe it’s a little late but very short how my infra is organized:

Desktop/laptops <-> FreeNAS with ZFS automatic snapshots <-> Other NAS with Debian 10 and BTRFS automatic snapshots. The synchronisation is only with syncthing which gives me piece of mind. Both NAS’es are just a hot-backup/duplication of files and are geo-spaced with 100km in between. Both self-hosted low-end hardware (AMD64 intel atom based). I’m just thinking it would be nice to write a blogpost on my site about it also for my own reference.

Good luck for the future, hope this helps.