I don't understand my failed items

My use case is replicating an iTunes Library (37338 items, ~92.2 GiB) from a Mac to a Raspberry Pi 3. I have an external USB HD which is formatted FAT and which I initially plugged into the Mac and copied my iTunes Library folder onto. I then plugged it into the Pi and setup syncthing, with the Mac as the Master and let it run overnight. It seems to have reached a semi-stable state this morning. Mac is showing up to date, and the pi is alternating between stating that there are 349 or 351 Out of Sync items. Same number in Failed category. On the first page of failed items, as an example, it shows:

The following items could not be synchronized. They are retried automatically and will be synced when the error is resolved.

AJ Dávila invalid argument Terror Amor no such file or directory 01 Animal.mp3 invalid argument Agua del Pozo - Canción de la Semana invalid argument 01 Agua del Pozo.m4a invalid argument Día Tras Día - Canción de la Semana invalid argument 01 Día Tras Día.m4a invalid argument Angélique Kidjo invalid argument Cold Sweat - Single no such file or directory 01 Cold Sweat.m4a invalid argument

Does this make sense? Should I delete all the configuration, and the initial copy I made directly on the Mac, and let syncthing to it all over the network?

I think this is caused by the FAT file system. Try mounting it with the utf8 parameter or use a modern file system.


Thanks, wweich! adding the iocharset=utf8 fixed it!

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