I don't know how to remove global users that I accidentally created

I don’t speak English so sorry if I end up writing something wrong but basically I just wanted to learn how to remove these other users I think they are global

These messages have nothing to do with users. The text refers to global discovery, a mechanism used by syncthing to find the IP addresses of your other devices.

It’s because everything is in English and I’m just terrible at the language and my gateway is 4/5 with 2 devices only connected

The messages indicate that discovery itself is working fine. There’s one announcement failure, which is caused by your network not supporting IPv6. syncthing can use, but doesn’t require, IPv6, so the error is not a problem.

Do you have a specific problem with devices not connecting or is it just the IPv6 announcement error you’re concerned about?

It was just this error that worried me, sorry, this is my first time using this type of application.