I can not find the configuration file to external acess to syncthing in FreeBSD 9.3

I install syncthing from ports FreeBSD 9.3 stable

rc.conf syncthing_enable=“YES" syncthing_user=“root" syncthing_dir=”/arquivos/syncthing” (zfs partition)

service syncthing start

syncthing is running sockstat USER COMMAND PID FD PROTO LOCAL ADDRESS FOREIGN ADDRESS root syncthing 40994 3 tcp4 : root syncthing 40994 9 tcp4 : root syncthing 40994 10 tcp4 6 *:22000 : root syncthing 40994 11 udp4 6 *:21025 :

ip from server:

“It actually depends on the used “GUI Listen Addresses” which defaults to Just change that to the actual IP Address of the device in the network and you are good to go”


The location defaults to ~/.config/syncthing (Unixes)

But i dont find the file syncthing, config.xml in ~/.config

I need set the to to external access?

forum.syncthing.net/t/firewalls-and-port-forwards/166 To be able to access the web GUI from other computers, you need to change the GUI Listen Address setting from the default to

I need a tutorial to config syncthing. please

You seem to be using some packaging of syncthing that has changed the defaults. At a guess, I would look in /arquivos/syncthing since that is mentioned, but in the end you should refer to the documentation from whoever built the package for you.

Thanks calmh

I add id-server on my client node and add id-client on my server node but my status show disconnected in server and client node.

I’m not sync files. the 22000 port is open.

Image from my server

image from my client