Hunting for a Syncthing Dev: Looking to integrate syncthing into a new product.

We have a new product idea that involves a an app that needs to be able to securely collect and distribute files from a central server (collecting files from co-located devices first to reduce bandwidth requirements and deal with intermittent internet connectivity).

e.g 1000 devices on a local network need a large file, instead of them all pulling it from the server, 1 device could pull the file down and that it could be distributed via peer2peer tech to the other devices.

I am looking for a developer with Syncthing experience that could help with the Syncthing integration.

Do you know anyone?

Do you know where I could go about finding someone?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Syncthing is suboptimal for one off distribution.

Audrius, Thanks for replying. I have updated the original post to add more context. Does it now sound like a more appropriate use of Syncthing?

If your goal is just to transfer files in a P2P fashion, you should use just something that transfers files in a P2P fashion, and not something that keeps them in sync, does discovery, has to be bootstrapped/configured, has a database, versioning, relays and a lot of other baggage you potentially don’t need. Having to deal with that baggage is probably harder than using something like (or mimicking what it does).

Or possibly this project:

Again thanks for the reply. Let me add more detail (unfortunately I can no longer edit the original post)

Files need to be synced both ways. i.e Each day a Server syncs files to 1000s of groups of 1000 devices (each group would need different files).

All devices in a group are on the same local network.

Ideally the devices wouldn’t all go direct to the server for the files otherwise the server would need to handle 1 million+ downloads a day.

Some sort of authorisation/registration will be required, ideally on the server side as it would be nice to remove a device from the group remotely.

The local networks are remote, have low bandwidth and intermittent connectivity.

Each device needs to sync a few files back to the server each day (again this could be via p2p to reduce connections).

It would be great if these devices could be on more than one platform (Windows, Mac, Android, IOS)

I am still confused as when I look at Syncthing through my limited knowledge it still sounds like what I need.

sync, does discovery, has to be bootstrapped/configured, has a database, versioning, relays and a lot of other baggage you potentially don’t need. Which bits don’t I need?

Thanks for your patience, I appreciate I must be missing something!

I’m honestly not sure about the discouragement myself. Sounds like Syncthing should work fine, with whatever management around it that you are already considering. Anything that requires mutual auth and stuff would have similar requirements/setup.

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Well from his initial explanation it seemed that he needs to one-off distribute files among peers, hence it did not make sense. If it’s continuous and two way, it’s probably fine.

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