Http://imac:8384 not working?

Here is a line from my /etc/hosts file…

cat /etc/hosts 192.168.x.x imac

I would like to be able to access syncthing on my imac remotely…


But I get “This website is not available”.

The workaround I found is to vnc into my mac, and then use a local browser to access hteeteepee://localhost:8384

But I feel there must be a way to access it directly from my laptops browser, can anyone tell me how?

yes, you can do that - just set GUI Listen Addresses in settings to computername:port

Or just :8384 or But beware that this means it’s accessible remotely (that’s what you want) so setting a password and enforcing HTTPS is a good idea.

or if you just want to use the name (local only), add mycomputername to /etc/hosts and keep the GUI Listen Addresses set to