How to view/restore previous versions from remote server?


I’m using Syncthing to save files from my family’s PCs and smartphones to my NAS, with staggered file versioning (which works very well!!). So if somebody makes a mistake (deletes a file, changes it by mistake…), previous versions are saved apart in .stversions folder on the NAS. People in my family today don’t have a direct access into the NAS (debian-based, actually OpenMediaVault).

I wonder how I can give easy access to the .stversions subfolder on the NAS so that they can restore some previous files or folders, either at home from the LAN or outside on internet. Can Syncthing do it (I guess not, but asking never hurts)? Should I setup something line Nextcloud for this? Do you have suggestion for this? Thank you!

You can’t restore from remote devices.

Best I can suggest is to sync the versions directory as a normal folder.

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