How to troubleshoot

samsung tablet running android pie to windows 8.1. worked initially. then just never connected anymore. removed and re-added and now it just says unused.

No folders are shared between the two

they are shared. as i stated when it was first installed it worked on my local network. i was at a public network and it would not connect. i dont know if the devices were isolated (never thought about it). so i disconnected the devices and reconnected them. now it says unused but they are both set to share files in the files dialog area.

You removed it and readded it, when you did that, you forgot to share the folder, hence it now says unused.

Are the folders shared with the current devices or some device that no longer exists now that you deleted the old devices? Each installation of syncthing creates its own unique ID key so reinstalling on a device should not automatically grab any folder that was previously setup to sync to it.

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