How to tell if local network is being used for sync

Hello, is there any simple way (perhaps in the logs) that I can tell if syncthing is syncing over my local (wifi) network rather than across the internet?

(from the speed I would say it is going across the internet, and I don’t really want that to happen as my internet access is very slow and bandwidth limited)

One really obvious place to look would be the Remote Devices section of the GUI. Click on the device you’re concerned about to expand the information on it, and look at the Address field. If it shows an IP that belongs to local network, your data is most certainly not going out to the Internet at large.


Thanks for the reply, It’s showing my ISP IP address, so I assume this means it is indeed going via the internet.

Looks that way, yes.

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thanks again, it’s probably a firewall issue so I’ll look into that some more

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