How to sync subdirectories

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I have a subdirectory which is not syncing. I have googled, I have searched this forum, I cannot find any info on including subdirectories. I assumed that they were included by default, but I cannot even find a reference to this. Is this the default as I assume? What do I do if this is not working? Thanks. Running Ubuntu Mate. Syncing /home/pc/Pictures. New folder – /home/pc/Pictures/New Pictures is not seen by other machines on the local net. All report up to date.

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They are included by default, which is why you’re not finding anything searching for the opposite. :slight_smile:

Post some screenshots from the GUI to begin with, might clarify things.

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Thanks. Attached

Anything else I should screenshot?

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SOLVED PEBKAC! Folder path not what was intended.

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