How to sync Macintosh HD in OS X

Hey, I want to use syncthing to backup my laptop. I want to just sync the whole Macintosh HD, but I get the message “Stopping folder “MacBook_Pro_Backup” - mkdir /Macintosh HD: permission denied”. I set all my permissions for Macintosh HD to read and write. I am probably messing up something simple but I am not sure what it is, I have no problem syncing other folders.

If Macintosh HD is your boot drive, its UNIX path is /, not /Macintosh HD.

To sync the whole disk, you will probably need to run Syncthing as root. Make sure it is set as “Folder Master” so that accidental changes to your backups don’t mess up the original.

Thank you very very much, I knew I was fucking something up with the path.