How to sync a file from one machine to another one time only?

I am currently using Syncthing to share data one way: send from a folder on a server and receive in a folder on a local machine. Once the file(s) has downloaded I run scripts on the local machine to move it to another location for archiving purposes. After moving the local copy I’d like to continue to keep the files on the server without having syncthing automatically redownload them again. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I might go about doing that? Specifically, how might I use synching to sync a file(s) located on the server to my local machine only one time (even if it’s removed from the local machine after it’s downloaded)? Thanks!!

This is not perfectly suited to Syncthing but the ignore delete option might work.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll definitely be giving this a try.

This note from the docs page feels ominous, “Ignoring deletes in both directions between two devices can be a confusing configuration.” I’m assuming it’s more a comment that the state of things could end up appearing pretty unexplainable / weird. I suppose that’s what I’m after tho. Lol

Yes, in the worst case you might have completely different sets of files on the two sides yet supposedly be in sync. That’s weird.

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