How to switch back to default UI from Tech UI?

The only reason it wasn’t in the release notes is because it wasn’t a code change so we forgot to add it

Being called (explicitly or implicitly) a traitor, a hypocrite, a license violator, and the other things in this thread causes me an emotional response. Enough so that I’m taking a time out from this forum to focus on other things for a while.


I am sorry if I made you feel that way. It wasn’t my intention to be upsetting and, as I said in my last post, not mentioning the inclusion in the release notes didn’t fit with my experience of the team and especially the way you foster the community.

This is why I waited to post… I expected it to be an oversight and I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case for tomasz86 too.

I posted because the thread had gone quiet but there seemed to be some strong emotions in the response. Probably it should have been a simple:

“Hey, why wasn’t this in the release notes?”

“Sorry I forgot.”

Earlier in the thread but it seemed to spiral very quickly.

BTW, I liked you last post before the edit.

I never meant to insinuate you or the anyone else here is a traitor, a hypocrite etc. I was trying to explain why I had that emotional response. And that it doesn’t fit with how you guide the development.

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I was actually certain that this had been a mistake, and that the user in this thread had simply added the UI manually. I have used Syncthing for ~1.5 years, and until now the official binaries seemed to match the self-compiled ones, so I did not even imagine that there could be such an addition.

I also apologise if anything that I have written sounded too accusatory. I have probably got too emotionally attached to the software, which I guess is not a good thing.

Come back @calmh. The work you, @AudriusButkevicius and @imsodin do is amazing. Those of us who observe this forum regularly truly appreciate the energy and effort you put in voluntarily to build and improve this great software. Your values and integrity are on display every post – from your stand on moral issues, like racism and child poverty, to your support for open source. There is no room for doubt! Your tolerance and patience for posters who want to twist and turn this software into something it is not primarily designed to do astounds me. Those who offended are remorseful, and are also valuable contributors. I hope everyone can move past where this post has landed.


Please keep in mind that the major motivation of all maintainers to work on Syncthing is fun. Discussions like this are not fun. So before posting think about what it is that you want to achieve. And I hope you find it in yourself to assume good faith on behalf of Syncthing’s maintainers - from my totally biased stand-point I don’t see where we have given you reason for distrust. Then ask about what you want to achieve, e.g. here: How can I reproduce the release binaries?

And just as a confirmation: The points about licensing, transparency, … did come across as accusatory to me too. And all of them miss the mark. The tech-ui experiment being accessible in the GUI was a messup (thus the hot-fix release), everything else was not. E.g. it was intentionally not in the release notes, see e.g. the untrusted feature preview - which isn’t in release notes either. Because it’s an experiment, we don’t want the wider use-base to experience pain with an experiment, that might be both buggy and subject to breaking changes at any time. We want to test ourselves and then with power-users on the forum, before taking the step of asking for wider testing.


Yeah, what I would like to achieve is to take the source code archive from and be able to use go run build.go to produce the same binary as the official one.

I still find it kind of difficult to understand why an experiment like this cannot be implemented in the same way as the untrusted feature is, i.e. with pull requests and commits right there in the main repository, but I guess the opinions differ, so let us mark this discussion closed.

I missed all the excitement as all my nodes had gone to 1.13.1 by the time I heard about it.

I’ve had a look via a URL and assume it’s work in progress. If so, are you open for suggestions? I would still love to see a list of what’s being synced live regardless of folder. Much the same way as Synctrazors list when you click on the toolbar icon.

Maybe it could fit as a third section at the top or better still, under status as a third group, eg., Folders Devices Syncs

I am sorry for beating the dead horse, but I just wanted to say that the official site ( still links to v1.13.0 instead of v1.13.1.

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Thanks for the heads up - fixed.

Not really at the moment. It’s only about how to integrate kind of UI into Syncthing builds. It’s clearly nowhere near to being a possible replacement for the UI. We are only looking into it as a possible basis for future work to maybe create an updated UI.

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