How to start syncthing in a TrueNas jail on boot?


First let me thank the developpers for programming such a fantastic tool. Your work is much appreciated!

I’m running syncthing in a TrueNas 12.2 jail, installed from pkg install, not the plugin. To get the latest updates installed automatically, I would have preferred to install syncthing directly from github, but didn’t know how to do that (I know, pkg install updates them too, just not so timely). So I’m still running v1.15.1, FreeBSD (64-bit Intel/AMD).

Everything runs ok btw and I’m very happy with the tool. There is just one tiny thing, I have not figured out and I assume, it’s a pretty basic one. So please excuse my (stupid) question.

When I boot up TrueNas, it starts all the jails, including syncthing. When I SSH into the jail and go service syncthing status it (or top) it shows syncthing is running, but when I request it on the IP:Port address, it won’t show up. SSH again into the jail and just typing syncthing fixes this but is inconvenient and I’m sure I forgot something to configure, I just don’t know what (maybe something in the rc.conf?).

My rc.conf

cron_flags="$cron_flags -J 15"

# Disable Sendmail by default

# Run secure syslog
syslogd_flags="-c -ss"

# Enable IPv6

Thank you

I think this is better asked on a TrueNAS forums.

Syncthing is just an application, you either launch it, or you don’t.

The whole jails/service management aspect is down to your distribution, not down to syncthing, so the only way you’d get a response here is if someone happens to have the same distribution and has gone through the same issue, which in my opinion is a thin chance.

Alright, fair enough. Then please delete or close this thread.

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