How to setup a star like environment?

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I am trying to understand how to setup a typical client-server configuration: one where there would be a central server to which various devices connect and exchange through it not using it as a relay, but syncing to folders it keeps).

My understanding is that this server would not be special in any way, it is just that there would not be any private client-to-client shared folders, everyone would see everything. And (this is the actual problem I have) would be able to add and delete shared folders.

I have today a folder testing which is replicated on my devices: the central server and two laptops. I disabled relaying on all of them to ensure that only direct connections are possible. On each device I see the two others, which is not useful on the laptops which are interested in the server only but never mind.

I wanted, on a laptop, to delete this shared folder (by going to Edit and then Remove). This was successful but shortly afterwards the shared folder is back (in a ‘Synced’ state).

Is there a way to setup the system so that all devices are “masters” of the shared folders, allowing any device to add (and automatically share) and remove them?

If you disable the option “auto accept” the removed folder should stay removed.

Also disabling “introducer” ( may save you some of your troubles.

Both are options for devices.

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