How to set the file mask

Syncthing is running in xigmanas, freebsd . The permissions of the files which has been synchronized is “rw-r-r” , owner is “syncthing”. Xigmanas is x64-embedded,the user “syncthing” is in a system group “syncthing”,so i can‘t change “syncthing”‘s umask. My nfs service is running as root, so i can 't write any file. So i want to know how to set the file mask.

i can’t find any option to chang the mask, help me , thx.

Either you

  • set the umask to what you like (how you do this is system dependent, but surely possible) and set “ignore permissions” on the folder, or
  • Syncthing will use the permissions the file had on the other side.

thx.i’ll try to change the umask.

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