How to save data to the internal Db using api

I was able to see the status of my connections using the api but cant change any data.

Another question. How can i capture new folders shared fr other partners using the api?

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The API is documented in the docs site. New folder prompts arrive via the events API.

Thanks Audrius. I cant get the events but cant register a new folder using the api.

New folders are created by posting a full new config.

Thanks again, last question. How to change a single value in a record? Lets say i want change from ignoreDelete = false to true?

You post the updated config.

Ok, full record. Thanks.

Just to avoid future confusion as you talk about DB and records, yet want to change the config: the config does not live in the database. It’s just a file on disk, which can also be updated via the API.

yes. correct. Sorry.

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