how to restore out of sync items?

One of the subfolder of a shared folder between 3 machines (Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, OSX) is out of sync.

Out of Sync Items     1 items, ~0 B
Failed Items          1 items

If i click on the “1 items” link, i get a popup telling me the folder is not empty.

I checked my files, all of them are here and they does not seems corrupted. I also tried to copy them from another machine to replace them. but this error persist.

How can I resolve this situation?

Click the “1 items” text, and it will tell you why it’s out of sync.

Syncthing wants to delete the directory, but it can’t because there’s unexpected stuff in it. Things that are ignored, usually.

Thanks for the answer. In fact this folder was never empty. I also forgot to mention that I have this error only on the OSX client, on the other machines this folder contain files and is in sync.

I’ll try to remove the files to see what happens.

Ok, I think I figured out what happened

The out of sync item name was "Dance" I thought it was a folder in the same directory named “dance” where I have several other files.

For some unknown reason, i have a empty file called “Dance” on my main machine just beside the “dance” folder. (I didn’t touch the content of this directory in years, that is why I find all of this very strange)

So I think OSX does not allow creating two files with the same name despite the different case.

I changed the name of the folder “dance” and immediately syncthing created the empty file “Dance”.

Now all is in sync.

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