How to rename a folder that is synced to other machine?

I have a folder called ‘errors’ that I have linked to another machine but recently I’ve been using it for more than errors so want to rename it something more appropriate.

I tried to just rename it thinking maybe it will sync the name change on the other computer but instead I see an error saying the folder has been stopped or something like that. So I changed it back to the original name for now and it went back to normal functioning.

So how can I acheive the desired result? Do I have to move everything to a new folder? I would prefer not to if there is another way but will if I have to. Wanted to check if there was a way to save myself some trouble.

Remove the folder on both sides, rename, readd with the new name.

This will work but there is a simple solution - stop syncthing on both machines, rename folder on both machines, manually edit “config.xml” on both machines to point to that new folder name and restart syncthing - should work just fine. I just tried to do this on a folder under Windows and it worked. It will be nice to have a “move folder” feature.

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