how to move the index folder on a readynas 4 device?

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You should post a larger stack trace but it’s most likely because you manually deleted the ldb files which corrupted your database. You have to delete the while index directory, not just random files in there.


i will try that. currently making a copy of the data just in case something goes bad.


so that worked. Its syncing again with no errors or panics but I’m back to the original problem of it will just fill up again in 2-3 days.

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Sorry, but no idea why it would behave on different storage, perhaps ask on your nas forums, as that’s definately not standard linux behaviour. I know sysctl has per storage device settings but I’d be surprised that’s the culprit here.


i would guess that it has less to do about behaving differently on different storage and more to do with the home drive just didn’t get moved properly. I did notice that the etc/syncthing/index directory remained on the main onboard storage when the c/home/admin/sync directory moved.

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Perhaps your -home argument did not propagate.


just tried it again but no luck. changed all the file locations in the config.xml but the index folder is still in c/etc/syncthing. I assume I cant just move the folder in like winscp and not have it recreate?


holy crap this was a pain in the rear. but I think I solved it.

the -home command was definitely not propagating i had to edit the syncthing service in etc/init.d

these were the lines I changed with the original commented out:

Arguments that should be forwarded to the binary (e.g.: “-home=/etc/syncthing/syncthing”)



once I changed that the home drive propagated and i can verify that the index files are residing on the ReadyNas raid rather than the internal storage.


restarted and everything looks like its working. no panics or other errors. its rescanning now.

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