How to help

Hi, I’m Guillermo and new here in the forum. I’ve been using Syncthing for not a long time but I love it deeply. Is because of that, that I wanted to help. Now; I don’t code ANYTHING, but maybe I can help by translating some docs from english to spanish? or something like that? In any case, I’ve never done this before so I wanted to post this and have some directions as to where do I start from?, any docs?, is there a priority?, do I commit them to Github or send them to some one else when I’m done with it?

That’s all; not a long post. Thanks all for reading and thanks again for this application. It amazing.



Welcome to the Syncthing community!

If you’re not much into coding, maybe the documentation is a good start to get involved. There was some cleaning up activity recently, but I’m sure more could be found if you look around. Especially stuff that is not easy to understand for a novice or where linking to other sections might be beneficial. Go ahead and fork the docs repository on GitHub, then make pull requests.

Translations are always welcome, even if it’s just reviewing other people’s attempts. That happens on Transifex, unfortunately not at all yet for the documentation.

Another point of entry is sifting through issues, trying to reproduce them, triaging whether something is really in need of attention. Just looking through the issues list on GitHub (for the main syncthing and for the docs repositories) may give you an idea where help is needed and where you could get involved.

Cheers! André