How to have files sync to new folder, but then stay when they're deleted on the original folder?

I have a seedbox and a server that I’d like to share files between. I’d like to be able to have files from the seedbox sync to the server, but then be able to delete files on the seedbox, withour affecting the server’s files. Is there any way to do this?

I am 100% sure exactly this question has been answered a few times already, but I am unable to find it - forums really suck as knowledge base.

Check the ignoreDeletes option (documentation or forum has lots of info) or my suggestion is to have a “transfer directory”, that you sync and then you move it on your server to the “final” destination, either manually or using a script that makes use of the events rest api (also in documentation), thus the file gets deleted on your seedbox.

Yes, that worked. Thank you. I figured there was a setting like that, but I couldn’t find it in the forum and didn’t see it in the documentation.

Also, I think it’s easier just to run rsync on a cron.

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