How to handle multiple users?

Hi, I think I have a relatively well defined problem, but despite of similar posts here and a familiar section in the documentation I don’t no how to solve it.

Here is the situation:

  • There are two distant Mac computers in the same lan
  • On each Mac there a several user accounts
  • to make it not too difficult there are no shared folders, each uses only uses their own folder

The problem: On some user accounts, Syncthing does not run. On others I have permissions errors and the sync does not run. Probably the different instances are blocking and interfering each other.

Questions: Is it really true that I have to manually set different port for the accounts?

I think in my config.xml I have a ‘dynamic’ value for the address setting.

Can somebody give me a simple advice or direction about how I can resolve this problems?

Thank you very much Ben

You most likely need a separate instance per user. Unless you multiple users logged in at the same time, I think you can reuse the ports, as long as the application is terminated as you log off.

I use different ports for different users for the Syncthing GUI/endpoint. So it’s possible for many users to use Syncthing on the same host :+1: And different systemd-units for syncthing@user1, syncthing@user2…

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