How to graph my clients?

I’m sorry I can’t help, I stopped using Windows about 25 years ago… :wink:

Thank you, that would be great. I released a stable version (which will be maintained up-to-date at the same place), there will also be a dev one (it will probably start with a centralized server to process configurations on th efly)

Everything is at GitHub - wsw70/syncthing-map

Please have a look at this documentation PR and tell me if the text is okay. I added it under the generic “Command Line Tools” section, as I didn’t see anything more specific that would match.

why don’t you add mine too? thanks

I just had a quick look and thought it was still very basic. If you are going to keep it alive and it will be found at that place for the foreseeable future, we can of course add a pointer as well.

EDIT: PR updated to include both tools.

no, it’s more than usable, less fancy than the other maybe, but it’s single-pass :wink:

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