How to debug why small number of files don't sync

Hi, …much love for syncthing :-), apologies if I have missed something silly here…

I have a directory of source code (~/Sync/projects) shared between 4 devices:

2020-03- 7_01-03-10

And one the devices (lysine) is stuck at 99% with ~6.13KiB of items remaining (according to the other devices):

2020-03- 7_00-37-09

looking at the out of sync items, they are all directories that haven’t been changed in months (and appear to be in sync):

I mounted the corresponding directory from the out-of-sync machine (lysine) on the pc04 desktop, and comparing them, they are actually the same;

$ diff -r ~/Sync/projects/narayana/jbosstm-quickstart_x/ArjunaJTS/interop/resource/ ~/mnt/lysine_projects/narayana/jbosstm-quickstart_x/ArjunaJTS/interop/resource

The other machine (lysine) shows the devices as “Up to Date”:


I don’t see anything relevant in the logs? (but then again, I don’t know what I am looking for…)

any suggestions on how to debug this?



pc04 is running fedora-31 with

[~] $ syncthing --version syncthing v1.3.4 “Fermium Flea” (go1.13.6 linux-amd64) mockbuild@fedora-koji 2020-02-04 00:00:00 UTC

and lysine is running Ubuntu 18.04.04 LTS:

user1@lysine:~$ syncthing --version syncthing v1.3.4 “Fermium Flea” (go1.13.7 linux-amd64) 2020-01-14 07:01:03 UTC

so I am now running syncthing -verbose from pc04, and it seems to have conflicting log messages (as I understand it):

[Z7KFB] 01:25:30 VERBOSE: Summary for folder “td3na-eynqh” is map[errors:0 globalBytes:1858008972 globalDeleted:65046 globalDirectories:8622 globalFiles:44258 globalSymlinks:58 globalTotalItems:117984 inSyncBytes:1858008972 inSyncFiles:44258 localBytes:1858008972 localDeleted:64685 localDirectories:8622 localFiles:44258 localSymlinks:58 localTotalItems:117623 needBytes:0 needDeletes:0 needDirectories:0 needFiles:0 needSymlinks:0 needTotalItems:0 pullErrors:0 sequence:688552 state:scanning version:688552]

seems to suggest from needBytes:0 needDeletes:0 needDirectories:0 needFiles:0 needSymlinks:0 needTotalItems:0 pullErrors:0

that it doesn’t actually need any files (which according to my diff test, is correct)

However it is still showing the 99.99% completion…

[Z7KFB] 01:25:30 VERBOSE: Completion for folder “td3na-eynqh” on device xxxx–xxx-xxxx-RDUVHQO is 99.99966243435341%

Suggest you try upgrading to the RC.

Thanks! I’ll give the RC a shot…

now I’ve enabled a bunch of tracking, I am seeing entries for

[Z7KFB] 2020/03/07 01:56:55 lowlevel.go:548: DEBUG: need folder=“td3na-eynqh” device=SLZPCQW-xxx-RDUVHQO name=“narayana/jbosstm-quickstart_x/ArjunaJTS/jts/application-component-2/src/main” have=false invalid=false haveV={[]} globalV={[{Z7KFBC4 1}]} globalDev=5G2PGT7-xxx-OULCGAH

but these directories definitely exist, and are the same on both machines:

$ diff -r --no-dereference /home/user1/Sync/project s/narayana/jbosstm-quickstart_x/ArjunaJTS/jts/application-co mponent-2/src/main /home/user1/mnt/lysine_projects/naray ana/jbosstm-quickstart_x/ArjunaJTS/jts/application-component -2/src/main

show no differences…

Ah ok.

querying the file in the folder with curl -X GET -H "X-API-Key: xxx" "http://localhost:8384/rest/db/file?folder=td3na-eynqh&file=narayana/jbosstm-quickstart_x/ArjunaJTS/interop/.settings" indicated that the files weren’t present in the database on lysine

deleting the database with -reset-database on lysine and restarting caused the folder to sync correctly onto all devices.


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