How to clear out a linux (fedora 31)server

The story go’s as following:

I got a group of five machines up running all worked and all was well. 2 servers and 3 work/laps. (use syncthing as "cluster between win-server and linux server)

Then I had a bad system failure a zpool on Linux server. Desired to make a upgrade of the disks ( all data stored 3 other placed’s) so …

When the Linux server came up after upgrade. disk structure for syncthing was missing. That made it so confused at it didn’t start

Reconstructed the structure, I run it in user syncthing to ensure security and rights are good. Even after removing shares and reestablish them. Still problems. systemctl status resulted in errors and no connections. So next step was to remove it and reinstall. Well that helped (sort of) was able to get syncing to start but o my good how slow it was. We talking under 100 mbit/s We talking HPE DL servers in fiber. so …

New clean to (sort of) even a dnf remove, left some behind. Did remember some of the settings.

But now all was DEAD = io.timeout

Killed that one

Next try docker

same thing All DEAD Gives right ip but nee same io.timeout problem

Any one that can tell me how to clean this mess.

Styrk Henrik Finne

Do you have screenshots, logs showing the problem?

There is nothing to work with right now.

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