How to add folder later?

I set up two devices and added them to each other so they can see other. I added a folder on device A, and when I restarted device B, the prompt was shown that said device A wants to share a folder. I clicked the “Later” button, because I wasn’t ready to add the folder from device A to device B yet. I have been through the entire interface and I can’t find any way to add the folder now. The only method I have seen is to remove the folder from device A and recreate it, then restart device B. Is that correct or am I missing something?

You’ll get the prompt the next time they reconnect. Or you can add it manually if you know the folder ID.

So when I restart device B, I should see the prompt again? When I try to add it manually, it compains that a folder with that ID already exists. Is there a different “add folder” process?

If you already have the folder (“folder ID already exists”) then there is nothing to add. Edit the folder and check the checkbox for the device you want to share it with.

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