How to access .stfolder in Windows?


I understand that the version on Syncthing is done by writing files with extension .stversion into .stfolder when a file is modified or deleted on its counterpart nodes. But how do we access .stfolder in Windows when we need to restore the file? Windows doesn’t recognize .stfolder as a folder.


.stfolder is no folder but a file, which indicates, that this folder is synced with syncthing. It is mainly there to prevent deletion of the complete folder, if e.g. mounting did’nt work and the complete folder is empty.

If you enabled file versioning, the old versions of files are moved to the folder .stversions (per default) before being replaced with the remote ones.

As your question suggest that you don’t see a folder .stversions, you probably did not enable file versioning.

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Ah I just did another setup and now I can see .stversions as a folder on my Windows machine with files of previous versions now. Thanks for your quick respond!